Information & Preparation

Roof Replacement Project

Project expected completion September of 2022

Roof Replacement Information & Preparation

Review the latest roofing schedule. Roof replacements are expected to be completed by September of 2022.

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Cooperation During Reroofing Project

Roofing crews being at 7:00am and finish by 7:00pm. Depending on various factors including the weather, each building will take about 4-5 days.

Insurance Issues

Are you having difficulty maintaining proper homeowners insurance? Please download the letter from Keith Stern Roofing and provide it to your insurer. The letter states that your unit is under an active re-roofing contract. Once your building is completed, you can request two documents as proof from the AG HOA. They are the IKO Roofing Warranty and the final county inspection certificate. Please use the AG contact form to request these two documents when your roof has been completed.

No Parking In Driveways

The roofer needs the driveway to load shingles. Keep your vehicles safe and DO NOT park in the driveway or on the street around the roofing site. Orange cones will mark the construction site. Overnight parking is available at the Amenity Center. Call (904) 278-8613 to make arrangements for parking.

Towing Warning

Keep the roads clear and passable for emergency and service vehicles. Read more about parking in AG.

Questions / Concerns?

Contact the AG Property Manager