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Architectural Guidelines

Avoid fines. Get approval before making changes to the exterior of your property.

Architectural Review Forms

Get Approval First

Why Architectural Review?

Visual harmony matters in Autumn Glen. The architectural review guidelines apply to, but are not limited to: fence installation, satellite dishes, exterior lighting, paver bricks, extension of cement patios, cement painting, exterior security cameras, screened porches/lanai, storm doors, sliding glass doors, window & door replacements (and their color), garage door replacements (and color), gutters, landscape edits including removal of trees or bushes and/or landscape additions that were not part of the original landscape plan. 

Remember, all changes to the exterior of your property, whether decorative or structural in nature, MUST be approved first. Avoid fines and submit the Architectural Project Review Form (ARB/ARC form) to the property manager before you begin your project. NOTE: The property owner is solely responsible for ensuring that all Autumn Glen architectural review guidelines, AG and FIP covenants and restrictions, government laws and ordinances, and Clay County easements are followed.

Questions / Concerns?

Contact the AG Property Manager

Exterior Lighting

Review the approved exterior lights.

Exterior Paint

Identify your building on the color palette map. Is your building A, B or C? All building stucco and trim bands painted with Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex.

Color Palette (A)

Building Stucco:

"Backdrop" #SW7025 / satin

Building Trim:

"Neutral Ground" #SW7568 / satin

Front Door:

"Baked Terra Cotta" #SW1202 / semi-gloss

Garage Door:

"Backdrop" #SW7025 / semi-gloss

Color Palette (B)

Building Stucco:

"Beach House" #SW7518 / satin

Building Trim:

"Divine White" #SW6105 / satin

Front Door:

"Lagoon" #SW6480 / semi-gloss

Garage Door:

"Beach House" #SW7518 / semi-gloss

Color Palette (C)

Building Stucco:

"Stone Lion" #SW7507 / satin

Building Trim:

"Moderate White" #SW6140 / satin

Front Door:

"Naval" #SW6244 / semi-gloss

Garage Door:

"Stone Lion" #SW7507 / semi-gloss

Original Floor Plans

D.R. Horton floorplans.


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