Frequently Asked Questions


Questions and answers for residents of the Autumn Glen townhome community.

Help, I'm a new resident. What should I know?

Welcome to the neighborhood! All new AG residents should immediately check-in with the property manager. New AG owners should confirm their monthly dues and property insurance are in order. New tenants/occupants/renters (all adult, non-property owners) need to complete the Occupant / Tenant form. Next, download the welcome brochure, the quick reminders, the important phone numbers, then become familiar with our governing documents. Remember, Autumn Glen is a deed restricted community where all residents abide by CC&Rs. Don't get confused by the CDD, the HOA or the MHOA! Learn about Autumn Glen and the different management responsibilities. Read about landscape and mowing service.

Are these condos or townhomes?

If you purchased property in Autumn Glen, surprise! You are a member of an HOA community and you own a townhome and the land it sits on. There are no condominiums in AG and it is important to understand the difference. Learn the facts about owners insurance so if disaster strikes, you can rebuild. Don't be caught under insured. Remember, it is up to each owner to insure their dwelling at the highest insurable value, including, but not limited to, full replacement value of the premises. Visit the insurance page to learn more.

What do the monthly dues cover?

The monthly HOA dues cover routine exterior maintenance such as: mowing, irrigation, painting, stucco, as well as routine roof maintenance. The monthly HOA dues also cover the expense of hiring a licensed property manager. The HOA dues do not cover any maintenance or upkeep to the interior of your property, including but not limited to: the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, doors or windows to name a few. Refer to the governing docs for further details regarding monthly dues. AG owners also pay a yearly CDD fee to the Fleming Island Plantation Community Development District. The CDD bond for Fleming Island Plantation matures in 2031.

I have bulk trash items. Can I put them at the curb?

Call Advanced Disposal and schedule bulk pickup before you leave large items at the curb: (904) 695-0500. Please adhere to Thursday recycle and Friday trash pickup schedules. Place tied and bagged material, in a trash container, at the curb ONE night prior to pickup only, no earlier. All AG residents can also bring trash to the Rosemary Hill Solid Waste Management Facility too.

I want to install a fence, a satellite, and security cameras. Where's the form?

Visit the architectural guidelines page to download and submit the ARB / ARC Project Application Form before you install. All residents must first get approval, prior to making edits to the unit exterior. This includes adding, editing or removal of any landscape too. The architectural review guidelines apply to, but are not limited to: fence installation, satellite dishes, exterior lighting, paver bricks, extension of cement patios, cement painting, exterior security cameras, screened porches/lanai, storm doors, sliding glass doors, window & door replacements (and their color), garage door replacements (and color), gutters to name a few.

What does the property manager do?

The property manager is employed by the AG Townhome Owners Association to handle the affairs of the community such as: monthly dues collection and routine exterior property maintenance. The quickest way to get questions and concerns answered, is to use the contact form. Know that a portion of your monthly dues pays for property management services. While the property manager is paid, the HOA board members are not. The HOA is comprised of resident volunteers who provide untold hours of their time and talent to serve on the board of directors.

Does the HOA give parking tickets?

No. Since AG streets are public roadways, the Clay County Sheriff Department (CCSO) is responsible for enforcement and ticketing. Visit the parking page to review the parking map and learn more about street parking in AG.

I have a company van. Can I park it in my driveway?

No. Vehicles that advertise a good or service are not allowed to be parked over night in Autumn Glen or in Fleming Island Plantation. Refer to Article XI - Section 18 in the CC&Rs - Boats, boat trailers, OHV, PWC, campers, mobile homes, motor-homes, or trailers are also prevented from parking in the community. Read what the Fleming Island Plantation website says about commercial vehicles.

I have a leak what should I do?

The answer depends on where the leak originates from. If you have an interior plumbing leak, contact a licensed plumber. Know that owners are responsible for the interior maintenance and upkeep of their property. If you have an exterior irrigation leak, please use the web form to contact the property manager during business hours or call the hotline number at (904) 940-6044 after hours. If you feel that you have a roof leak, please use the web form to contact the property manager about a roof inspection. Remember, owners must insure their dwelling at the highest insurable value. Review the insurance page  and see Article XI - Section 7 of the CC&Rs for more details.

There is an issue in the pond. Who do I tell?

The retention ponds in AG, and all of the ponds in the greater Fleming Island Plantation, are maintained by the CDD. Please note that the ponds in this community are for storm water collection and not for recreation (no fishing or boating). Keep our ponds trash free. Do not feed the fish or alligators. Feeding alligators is dangerous and illegal. You can report nuisance alligators by calling (866) 392-4286. Learn more about what else the CDD is responsible for in the about section. Contact the FIP Amenity Center to report pond trash (904) 278-8613.

Where can I purchase a "For Rent" or "For Sale" sign?

The master HOA institutes design rules for all signage allowed in AG. Official, MHOA approved "For Sale" or "For Rent" signs can be purchased at: Logo Xpress, 2245 Plantation Center Drive in Fleming Island.

A tree is hanging into my property from the preserve. Who do I call?

While the CDD owns the preserve land, the preserve is managed and controlled by the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD). Learn more about the preserve land on the about page, then contact the Amenity Center to discuss your options (904) 278-8613.

I lost my mailbox key. Who do I call?

Questions or concerns regarding your mailbox and/or mail should be directed to the Postmaster at the Ridgewood post office located at: 225 College Drive, Orange Park, FL. While there is a small post office in Fleming Island, it is the Ridgewood post office who can help you replace a lost key. It is strongly recommended that you make your request in person since this post office rarely answers the phone.

My street light is out. Who do I tell?

The street lamps are property of Clay Electric Cooperative. You can use their Outdoor Light Repair form to request service to a light post located within Autumn Glen or Fleming Island Plantation.

I need to report a stray dog. Help!

If the dog or cat does not have a collar with ID, you can take the stray to any local veterinary clinic and ask to check for a microchip. Next, you can post the lost dog/cat information on one of many community websites such as Nextdoor Fleming Island and of course Facebook. If you cannot keep the pet until the owner is located contact Clay County Animal Care and Control. Know that CCAC is a kill facility. The other local Clay County shelter is Safe Animal Shelter in Middleburg. Animal abuse cases can be reported to CCAC at (904) 269-6342 or Clay Humane in Orange Park.

When are community garage sales?

Community yard sales are dictated by the CDD and often organized 3 times a year. Check the FIP CDD website for the exact dates.